ROHO Business Plans

Hosted Apps plus Remote PC Access in one Dashboard
(Best alternatives to LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoTO MyPC, PCAnywhere, Go-Global, Citrix, Parallel, RDS)


Built for Advanced Security

Features Included

  • Hosting Environment
  • Unlimited Endpoints-Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Multi Users
  • Control Remote PCs
  • Secure Unattended Access
  • Wake-On LAN
  • HTML5.0 Mobile/Tablet Access across all Browsers/iOS/Android/Windows/Linux
  • Access History/Report
  • ChoiceDrive – Cloud storage Powered By Next Cloud
  • Store, access & share files from all your devices –works like OneDrive/Google Drive/Dropbox
  • Create as many users as you wish and assign a drive quota to each. Each user will have his/her own private ChoiceDrive
  • Edit any MS Office document from within your drive
  • Sync and collaborate on your Mobile, desktop or laptop/Remote PCs
  • Multi Factor Authentication (via Email)
  • Self-service Portal Password Reset/Account Unlock
  • Host and Publish additional Line of Business Applications (Non-ERP/Non-Microsoft Products)
  • Live support to customers from your website
  • Session Recording for Security/Compliance-works like Cyber ARK Security
  • Monitoring and Alerts/App Tunnels
  • Presentations
  • Mass Deployments/Mass Notifications
  • Advanced security-Restrict Access to your Home Country/Device control/Working Hours Restrictions/multiple Computer Groups
  • Host and Publish ERP/CRM/AD Integrations-Best alternatives to Citrix/Go Global/Parallels/RDS
  • Custom Company Branding/Logo/Website Live support Integrations
  • Full Admin Access

Single User1 seat ,1 session

₹ 2,247.99

Price per Month, Billed Monthly

ROHO- Startup/Personal

One licensed user can start remote access connection one session at a time

  • Shared Hosting Platform
  • 1 licensed User
  • 1TB CloudDrive(Included Free) upgradable to 30TB

Multi UserMultiple Users, 1 Session

₹ 5,394.99

Price per Month, Billed Monthly

ROHO- Business

Multiple licensed users can start remote access connection one session at a time

  • Dedicated Virtualized Hosting Platform
  • 2TB private CloudDrive ( Included Free), upgradable to 30TB

Multi User5 Sessions


Annual Maintenance and Software Upgrades/Private Cloud attracts hosting fees

Large Business/Government

Private Cloud/On-Premise Hosting for regulatory requirements/compliance

  • Dedicated Hardware/on premise
  • Optional Subscription
  • Optional Subscription
  • Optional Subscription
  • Optional
  • Unrestricted internal Applications-including ERP/CRM/LOB/Microsoft licensed Products

Sessions Explained (Accessing your Remote PC/Published Apps)

A session is any connection between a user and a remote computer.
For example, a two-session license allows:

  • One licensed user to connect to two remote machines at the same time.
  • Two licensed users to each connect to one remote machine at the same time.
  • Unlimited users- all licensed users can connect at the same time to the portal and access any other published applications in addition to remote PC access sessions available for the plan.

You can buy more sessions at any time.


1 ROHO additional session ₹ 3,597.00
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